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This aerial image was created while the stone facade depot was being built in a new location. Photographer is unknown.
  Original image is on file at the Midland Petroleum Museum.
 Your webmaster "Gareth Pollard" moved here in 1936 and remembers the depot as shown. Depot was finished and in use at that time.

This is a rare view of the first train depot in Odessa. Sitting in front of the depot is Mrs. J.M. Frame with her children Paul, Thelma and Pete. On the left is Florence Malone and the far right, her brother Jay. This depot was destroyed by a tornado in 1889. Photo reproduced from the book "The Flavor of Odessa, 1891 - 1991.

The building was between South Grant and South Texas Street on the south side of the Rail Road Track. Burton Lingo Lumber Company is visible in the background. It's location was on South Grant.

This is the depot that was being replaced with the structure below that was much larger and more modern and more fire proof.  The original was replaced once because of fire. We actually had three versions of this structure.